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The majority of people would be amazed to discover The Rock on a list of celebrities who have had plastic surgical treatment, although we have to offer him at least a little credit for being open about his gynecomastia surgery and not trying to pass his body off as natural or pretending it was medically essential. There’s nothing worse than a star constantly in the public eye going through an obvious treatment and then declaring it never happened, thus raising the bar for unattainable perfection that much more.

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The procedure of undergoing cosmetic surgery is typically not quite, however liposuction seems like among the more unpleasant procedures. When liposuction is carried out, a hollow needle called a cannula is utilized to eliminate the excess fat with little incisions in the desired area. The cannula is linked to a vacuum device, and as the needle passes over the fatty cells of the breast, it breaks up and suctions out the unwanted fat. Yes, the fat is literally sucked out with a vacuum. You ‘d think this would be a last hope for most people, however the reality is that hundreds of hundreds of Americans receive liposuction every year, a remarkable club that now consists of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. We knew those impressive pecs of his couldn’t be genuine!

Gynecomastia is a terrible condition that affects many men worldwide.   It is the accumulation of fat and breast tissue in the chest which gives the appearance of having man boobs.  There are a few treatments for gynecomastia but is is recommended to find a professional gynecomastia surgeon before going through with anything.  Among the choices for treatment are topical medications, exercises, weight loss and surgery.  Whether you are new to the field or if you have been doing it for a while, you can always benefit from some advice.  Head over to Gynecomastia Surgery Suite for some information in their great forums.

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